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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Session FROM ASP.NET to classic asp

I have an old system that was developed, not by me, in classic ASP.
I have a new system, developed by me in ASP.NET

How can I pass a session variable (not complex types, just a simple string or int) TO that classic ASP page? I don't need anything back from it.

To add a spanner to the works - how can I do the "hand off" or transfer if the classic ASP site is on a different domain?

Cannot use the option of passing items via querystring OR storing it in a DB and letting the classic ASP read it from the DB.

Thank you

Answer Source

you could use a classic asp page that sets session variables out of e.g. post parameters.

then call that classic asp page from your asp.net page.

example (not complete) session.asp:

if session("userIsloggedIn") = true and request.form("act") = "setSessionVar" then
    session(request.form("name")) = request.form("value")
end if

of course this is some kind of hack but we are talking about classic asp...

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