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Am I getting the benefits of async and await in the following code

I have the following code in which I am using an async keyword in my GroupBy clause, however I am told by intellisence that this call is not awaited and will run synchronously, my question is would my two calls to

and my subsequent call to
Task.WaitAll(languagesTask, storesTask);
use async features or would all my code run synchronously since I am not awaiting the GroupBy statement. also is it possible to await the
.GroupBy(async resourceApplicationType ..

public async Task UpdateAllResources()
var applicationTypes = databaseSettings.Select(dbcs => dbcs.ResourceApplicationType);
var commandsPerApplication = applicationTypes
.GroupBy(async resourceApplicationType =>
var languagesTask = GetAllLanguages(resourceApplicationType);
var storesTask = GetAllStores(resourceApplicationType);
var resourceCategory = ResourceApplicationToCategoriesMapper.Map(resourceApplicationType);
Task.WaitAll(languagesTask, storesTask);
var commands = from category in resourceCategory
from language in languagesTask.Result
from store in storesTask.Result
select new UpdateResourcesCommand
ApplicationType = resourceApplicationType,
StoreCode = store.Code,
LocaleCode = language.Locale,
ResourceCategory = category
return new
applicationType = resourceApplicationType, commands

commandsPerApplication.ForEach(commandsGroup =>
commandsGroup.Key.Result.commands.ForEach(async command =>
await commandExecutor.Execute<UpdateResourcesCommand, Task>(command);

private Task<IEnumerable<Language>> GetAllLanguages(ResourceApplication applicationType)
return allLanguagesQueryRetriever.GetByComponentName(InstanceName.GetUniqueName<IAllLanguagesQuery>(applicationType.ToString()))
.Execute(new AllLanguagesCriteria());

private Task<IEnumerable<Store>> GetAllStores(ResourceApplication applicationType)
return allStoresQueryRetriever
.Execute(new AllStoresCriteria());


The basic rule of thumb is "Without an await, async will run synchronously".

You could easily get your GroupBy() to run properly async by exchanging Task.WaitAll() for await Task.WhenAll().