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Java Question

Passing data through intent using Serializable

I've implemented my class with serializable, but it still didn't work.

This is my class:

package com.ursabyte.thumbnail;

import java.io.Serializable;

import android.graphics.Bitmap;

public class Thumbnail implements Serializable {

private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
private String label = "";
private Bitmap bitmap;

public Thumbnail(String label, Bitmap bitmap) {
this.label = label;
this.bitmap = bitmap;

public void set_label(String label) {
this.label = label;

public String get_label() {
return this.label;

public void set_bitmap(Bitmap bitmap) {
this.bitmap = bitmap;

public Bitmap get_bitmap(){
return this.bitmap;

// @Override
// public int compareTo(Thumbnail other) {
// if(this.label != null)
// return this.label.compareTo(other.get_label());
// else
// throw new IllegalArgumentException();
// }


This is what I want to be passing.

List<Thumbnail> all_thumbs = new ArrayList<Thumbnail>();
all_thumbs.add(new Thumbnail(string, bitmap));
Intent intent = new Intent(getApplicationContext(), SomeClass.class);
intent.putExtra("value", all_thumbs);

But still it didn't work. I don't know how to use Parcelable, so I use this instead.

Answer Source

Try to pass the serializable list using Bundle.Serializable:

Bundle bundle = new Bundle();
bundle.putSerializable("value", all_thumbs);

And in SomeClass Activity get it as:

Intent intent = this.getIntent();
Bundle bundle = intent.getExtras();

List<Thumbnail> thumbs=
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