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Scala Question

How to get an exploded version of "sbt universal:packageBin"?

I need to build some lib which uses sbt and supports

sbt universal:packageBin
, which includes all dependencies of that project and such. For better integration with my own project I would need the produced Zip simply in an exploded form.

Is this possible somehow without extracting the archive on my own? I do that already, just wondered if there's anything easier by simply telling
to not create the Zip or such. That would only be of benefit to me if I could do that as part of the invocation of the above command, as some shell argument or such. I don't want to change any build file or such.

I didn't find anything in the docs, only creating some custom format or such, which is more work than to simply unzip the archive and it seems that I would need to change build files for that, which I don't want. I want to keep the whole project as it is.

Answer Source

I think you want to look at the output of the stage task, rather than the packageBin one.

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