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PHP Question

Finding the greatest, least and middle value

I am working with user supplied dimensions on a variety of products. Users supplied the length, width and height, but to calculate shipping costs I have take the longest measurement and set it as length and add that to the girth, which is calculated by adding the two shorter measurements and multiplying them by 2.

$PackageSize = length + (width*2 + height*2)

I can find which value is the highest using:

$newlength=max($length, $width, $height);

I can't figure out how to then figure out which are the two remaining values so I can plug them into the right place in the equation.

Answer Source

To me, the easiest way to do this is to leverage PHP's awesome array functions.

// create an array from the three dimensions
$sizes = array( $length, $width, $height );
// sorts the values from smallest to largest
sort( $sizes );
// assigns the sorted values to the variables width, height, length
list( $width, $height, $length ) = $sizes;

// Now, $length is the longest dimension, $width is shortest, and $height is the middle value
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