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Laravel query to compare two strings from database with a date of format Y-m

So I have a table in my database core_companies. In this table I have a column settings which is of type json.
In it I store credit cards for each company. It looks like this:

settings->credit_cards[[0] => {expiration_date: {year: "17", month: "04"}]

I have two datepickers from which I get in php two dates like this:
What I try to do is return companies whose credit cards expire within a give period, like this (which from obvious reasons doesn't work - it simply ignores my query and returns all companies):

if ($key == "expiration_date->date_from" && $value) {
$companies = $companies->where("settings->credit_cards->expiration_date", '>=', $value);
if ($key == "expiration_date->date_to" && $value) {
$companies = $companies->where("settings->credit_cards->expiration_date", '<=', $value);

So the datepickers are stored in an object
. The first one selects the date from which the comparison starts (the date is stored in $value).
How can I make this query work? How can I compare a date of format Y-m with two separate string from database
{year: "17", month: "04"}
and return credit cards who expire within a given period of time?
Thank you all for your time!

Sam Sam
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you can create parts of your value in date and month and compare with closure in where for ex.

if ($key == "expiration_date->date_from" && $value) {
    $parts = explode('-', $value);
    $companies = $companies->where(function($q) use($parts){
        // either year is greater or year is same and month is same or greater
        $q->where("settings->credit_cards->expiration_date->year", '>', $parts[0])
            ->orWhere(function($q) use($parts){
                $q->where("settings->credit_cards->expiration_date->month", '>=', $parts[1])
                    ->where("settings->credit_cards->expiration_date->year", '=', $parts[0]);

same goes for date_to filter

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