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Python Question

How to delete a s3 version from a bucket using boto and python

When I try to delete a bucket using the lines:

conn = boto.connect_s3(AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY)

print conn.delete_Bucket('BucketNameHere').message

It tells me the bucket I tried to delete is not empty.

The bucket has no keys in it. But it does have versions.

How can I delete the versions?

I can see the list of versions using bucket.list_versions()

Java has a deleteVersion Method on its s3 connection. I found that code here:

He does this line to delete the version:

s3.deleteVersion(new DeleteVersionRequest(bucketName, keyName, versionId));

Is there anything comparable in boto?

Answer Source

Boto does support versioned buckets after version 1.9c. Here's how it works:

import boto

s3 = boto.connect_s3()

#Create a versioned bucket
bucket = s3.create_bucket("")

#Create a new key and make a few versions
key = bucket.new_key("versioned_object")
key.set_contents_from_string("Version 1")
key.set_contents_from_string("Version 2")

#Try to delete bucket
bucket.delete()   ## FAILS with 409 Conflict

#Delete our key then try to delete our bucket again
bucket.delete()   ## STILL FAILS with 409 Conflict

#Let's see what's in there
list(bucket.list())   ## Returns empty list []

#What's in there including versions?
list(bucket.list_versions())   ## Returns list of keys and delete markers

#This time delete all versions including delete markers
for version in bucket.list_versions():
    #NOTE we're still using bucket.delete, we're just adding the version_id parameter
    bucket.delete_key(, version_id = version.version_id)

#Now what's in there
list(bucket.list_versions())   ## Returns empty list []

#Ok, now delete the bucket
bucket.delete()   ## SUCCESS!!
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