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Javascript Question

jQuery - Trigger event when an element is removed from the DOM

I'm trying to figure out how to execute some js code when an element is removed from the page:

jQuery('#some-element').remove(); // remove some element from the page
/* need to figure out how to independently detect the above happened */

is there an event tailored for that, something like:

jQuery('#some-element').onremoval( function() {
// do post-mortem stuff here


Answer Source

Just checked, it is already built-in in current version of JQuery:

jQuery - v1.9.1

jQuery UI - v1.10.2

$("#myDiv").on("remove", function () {
    alert("Element was removed");

Important: This is functionality of Jquery UI script (not JQuery), so you have to load both scripts (jquery and jquery-ui) to make it work. Here is example:

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