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PHP script with $_GET variables in Windows Task Scheduler

How can I pass variables to a php script in the windows task scheduler?

In the Task Scheduler in "Action" I enter:




?var1=1&var2=2 is not passed to the php script in the task scheduler. If I call the script with vars in a browser the variables are passed to the script properly.


For better understanding the answers

In the script with GET ich get the data as:

$varB = $_GET['B'];
$varC = $_GET['C'];
$varA = $_GET['A'];

With the URL I would call it as


How would this example look like if I would do it with argv ?

Answer Source

You can't do this on the command line, $_GET, $_POST, etc are all constructed from the web server.

What you can do is use proper command-line arguments like:

C:\php\php.exe C:\scripts\myscript.php 1 2 "arg with space"

And access them with $argv like:

$var1 = $argv[1]; // 1
$var2 = $argv[2]; // 2
$var3 = $argv[3]; // arg with space

And just for clarity's sake, $argv[0] is always the name of the script.

Edit: For even more clarity's sake $argc contains the number of arguments passed.

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