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Passing multiple variables to a view?

so,i have two variables

that holds the array of posts and comments respectively,i have a separate view that accepts these variables,executes a foreach loop and prints them on the same page. The question here is,how do i pass both the variables to a view?

If its a single variable i pass it like this

I tried passing it as an array like this,but still it doesnt work.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Answer Source

You need to access the variable in your view as you pass it. Using array($var1,$var2); is valid but probably not what you wanted to achieve.


$data = $var1 + $var2;


$data = array_merge($var1, $var2);

instead. See Views for detailed documentation how to access variables passed to a view.

The problem with using array($var1,$var2); is that you will create two view variables: ${0} and ${1} (the array's keys become the variable names, you have two keys in your array: 0 and 1).

Those variable names are invalid labels so you need to enclose the name with {} on the view level.

By that you loose the ability to name the variables usefully.

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