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Android Question

Don't see Android SDK and AVD Manager when execute android tool command

I'm developing android on Mac OS.

In the first time, I use android tool command (

/tools/android) to launch Android SDK and AVD Manager as this link: It's OK. In Mac OS, the program's UI is same as in Windows as the images in the link.

But now, when I run that command, it only start Android SDK Manager as the image below:

enter image description here

How do I revert it? Please help

Answer Source

So you are missing the AVD mannager? This newer update has separate executables for SDK and AVD, so you don't have to wait the SDK to update library. The "AVD manager" executable resides in the same folder as the "SDK manager". Try manualy navigating there. I don't use Mac so I can't help you there, but it should be in the same folder.

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