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Java Question

Form data lost when using sendRedirect Struts 1.x

I have an action that after validation error in the action itself will do a sendRedirect to a URL but all the form data doesn't show.

public ActionForward doAction(ActionMapping mapping, ActionForm actionForm, HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws Exception {

String id = 123;
if (!validate()) {
addErrorMessage(request, "FAIL");
request.sendRedirect("/myUrl.do?id=" + id);
return null;

// else proceed with stuff

Now when I check in my browser, the URL is right but all my form data on the page isn't showing. If I just reload the page the form data will show again. What can be causing this?

The myUrl.do will go to another action and that action doesn't get the form values.


I solved it by setting the form action to the action I want to go to by using JavaScript.

$('myForm').writeAttribute('action', '/myAction.do');

And then doing a submit of the form.