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Lex case insensitive word detection

I need to treate a string in C where certain words, if present, have to be converted to uppercase. My first choice was to work it in LEX something like this:

word1 {setToUppercase(yytext);RETURN WORD1;}
word2 {setToUppercase(yytext);RETURN WORD2;}
word3 {setToUppercase(yytext);RETURN WORD3;}

The problem I see is that I don't get to detect if some of the chars are uppercase (f.e. Word1, wOrd1...). This could mean a one by one listing:

word1 |
Word1 |
{setToUppercase(yytext);RETURN WORD1;}


Is there a way of defining that this especific tokens are to be compared in a case insensitive mode? I have found that I can compile the lexer to be case insensitive, but this can affect other pars of my program.

If not, any workaround suggestion?

Answer Source

Seems that the way that works is this one:

(W|w)(O|o)(R|r)(D|d) {setToUppercase(yytext);}
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