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Javascript Question

node.js require cannot find custom module

Here is the project structure:

assets and html tpls

I require config.json, raeume.js and users.js from app.js and it all works fine.

var config = require('./app/config');
var raeume = require('./app/modules/raeume');
var users = require('./app/modules/users');

Then I require config.json and couch.js from user.js the same way and it won't find anything.

var couch = require('./app/modules/couch');
var config = require('./app/config');

I guess it should find it. After some research I saw a diverse landscape of problems inclusive how node is compiled. Thus included: I work on osx 10.8 with node v0.10.7.

Answer Source

The path is relative to the directory in which you are requireing the files, so it should be something like:

var couch = require('./couch');
var config = require('../config');

A bit of clarification, if you write

var couch = require('./couch');

you are trying to require the couch module which resides in the current directory, if you write

var couch = require('couch');

you are trying to require the couch module installed via npm.

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