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AngularJS Question

retrieve sql record from webservice and view on textbox

i am creating a web app in which i want to see my record on different textboxes


this is how my records are coming from
when i supply a parameter(
(string id)
) how i need to retrieve the record and show the record on my textbox with the help of

this is my

$http.get('/frmattendencerptqed.asmx/getuprec', {
params: {
id: $scope.updateparam.comsonvinid

now what i need to do when i want to print the records in different textboxes

my textboxes are in input field
<input type="text" ng-model="attendee1" />

this is how all my textboxes are

i need your help what i need to do when i want to show the record on my textboxes

Answer Source

According to the data you provided i made small example for this you need to assign your result to a scope variable like below

$scope.something=your result;

from this fetch your value and assign to your model,here i am taking attendee1 and assigning to model


like this you need to give what ever you want from that result. Demo

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