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How exactly to downgrade a Perl module version from latest one to older one?

My problem is that i upgraded the version of the IO:Sockets:SSL to the latest one through cpan, but now one of my scripts doesnt work on this version of the module. I want to go back to version 1.4 (the latest is 2.027). So i found it and downloaded the .tar.gz file manually but i dont know what to do now.

I've never did this downgrade before and i found out that you cant do it through the cpan... so can someone explain me step by step what i should do ? I found a few answers to my question but i couldnt follow the steps correctly or most of them were unclear for me.

Answer Source

Assuming you don't have any dependencies which need to be downgraded you can run the following commands:

tar xvzf IO-Socket-SSL-1.40.tar.gz
cd IO-Socket-SSL-1.40
perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install   # If all the tests passed

But if your package has other dependencies which need to be downgraded, you will have to follow the same set of steps for those dependencies as well.

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