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Appending value using React.js

I made todo app using jquery and now using react making same app. I made general layout of the app using react but facing problem in appending element by clicking button. The code i made in jquery was.

function entervalue()
var text = $('#inputext').val();
$("#list").append('<li class="item"> <input type="checkbox" class="option-input checkbox"> ' + text + '<button class="destroy"></button><li>');

Here the value of input field is stored in var text.
List is appended in having checkbox, 'text' and a button.
I want same code to be written in react, so that when i click on button the following list gets appended.

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Use state to store the new value. Save it as an array. React does a re-render when the state changes. During that render, map() through the value in the state and generate the HTML out of it.

this.setState({ //put this inside the 'onChange' handler of <input/>

This will set the new value to the state.

var todo ={
 return <li class="item"> <input type="checkbox" class="option-input checkbox">{value}<button class="destroy"></button><li>

todo will have the latest list of user inputs.


Check the example

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