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SoapUI. Export and Import properties to file by script

I need to export and import properties from testcase(SoapUI) to file by java or groovy, anybody had met such task?

Manual option does not suit me.

Rao Rao
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Not sure if there is any built-in API available for the same.

However, here are the scripts to import and export test case properties respectively.

Import a properties files to a test case. Groovy script follows:

 * this method imports properties to a test case from a file.
 * @param context
 * @param filePath
def importPropertiesToTestCase(def context,String filePath) {
    def  props = new Properties()
    def propFile = new File(filePath)
    //load the properties files into properties object
    //loop thru the properties and set them at test case level
    props.each {
        context.testCase.setPropertyValue(it.key, it.value.toString())
//How to use above method. Make sure you have file with properties, change path if needed.
importPropertiesToTestCase(context, 'D:/Temp/')

Export Test Case properties to a file. Groovy Script follows:

 * this method exports test case properties into a file.
 * @param context
 * @param filePath
def exportTestCaseProperties(def context, String filePath) {
    def  props = new Properties()
    //Get all the property names of test cases
    def names = context.testCase.getPropertyNames()
    //loop thru names and set Properties object
    if (names) {
        names.each { name ->
   "Set property ${name}"
            props.setProperty(name, context.testCase.getPropertyValue(name))
        //Write properties object to a file
        def propFile = new File(filePath), null) "Check the properties file: ${filePath}"
    } else { "There does not seem to have any test case properties to write, check it."
//How to use above method
exportTestCaseProperties(context, 'D:/Temp/')
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