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Ruby Question

Regular Expression in Atom Text Editor, exclude string "abc" from beginning of string

I have some code as follows:

data[:value] = some_val
data[:value_two] = someval2
data[:total_value_three] = someval3

I want to replace all code where total is not included,
I want the following result:

data[:total_value] = some_val
data[:total_value_two] = someval2
data[:total_value_three] = someval3

I have lot of such code in the text editor,
to replace that I have used this regular expression:


And I am replacing it with this:


It is selecting the right data, but it is removing the first character, that is, it is becoming
instead of

Answer Source

What you are looking for is negative look ahead. You can write it as


Regex Demo

  • (?!total) This is a negative look ahead. It checks whether : is not followed by a total.

What is wrong in [:[^total]([A-z_0-9]*)\]?

  • [^total] This is a negated character class. What it matches is one character, which is not t or o or a or l.
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