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AngularJS Question

What is the difference between ng-class and ng-style?

both seem to be methods of dynamically setting CSS classes. What is the difference between them?

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ng-style is used to interpolate javascript object into style attribute, not css class.

Following directive will be translated to style="color:red"

ng-style="{color: 'red'}"

And ng-class directive translates your object into class attribute.

Following will be translated to class="deleted" when isDeleted variable is true.

ng-class="{'deleted': isDeleted}"


There is one more use case for ng-style. If you want to interpolate something in style attribute, you should consider using ng-style. Otherwise, that would not work before Internet Explorer 11 as documentation suggests.

So, instead of using style:

style="width: {{progress}}"

Use ng-style:

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