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PHP Question

Paypal NVP TransanctionSearch with INVNUM doesn't return any payment informations

We are currently using Paypal NVP(

Version 54.0
) with the
call/function to search for payments with specific invoice numbers. It was working since today morning.
We use the
with the parameters
, but it doesn't return any payment informations anymore. It looks like it doesn't find the transaction, but when I do the same search on the paypal website, it works.

As far as I can see, there is currently no technical issue reported.

Does anyone else have this issue too?

Answer Source

It seems there was an issue in the paypal nvp api. I've reported it on a friday on this page: https://www.paypal-techsupport.com/app/ask It was fixed during weekend and now everything is fine. I still dont have got any answer from the paypal support, but when someone have similar issues, then you should use the bug report form.

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