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Array is empty after the conversion of NSArray to Swift Array

I am playing around with Swift recently. I am doing a search function with custom TableView. I have followed this guy in order to make my search work perfectly, but I a problem at the conversion from NSArray to Swift Array.

Here is my code.

func updateSearchResultsForSearchController(searchController: UISearchController) {
filtered.removeAll(keepCapacity: false)
proccessArray.removeAll(keepCapacity: false)
var array = []
for i in 0...arrProcessName.count{
if(arrProcessName[safe: i] != nil && arrRequestedBy[safe: i] != nil && arrCreationTime[safe: i] != nil && arrStatus[safe: i] != nil)
var newProcess = Process(process: arrProcessName[i], requestor: arrRequestedBy[i], time: arrCreationTime[i], status: arrStatus[i])
print("array: ", proccessArray)
let searchPredicate = NSPredicate(format: "status CONTAINS[c] %@", "pending")
array = (proccessArray as NSArray).filteredArrayUsingPredicate(searchPredicate)
print("array: ", array)
let arr2 = (array as Array).map { $0 as? String ?? "" }
filtered = arr2
print("filtered: ", filtered)

if(filtered.count == 0){
searchActive = false;
} else {
searchActive = true;

func tableView(tableView: UITableView, cellForRowAtIndexPath indexPath: NSIndexPath) -> UITableViewCell {
let cell = tableView.dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier("cell", forIndexPath: indexPath) as! HistoryCustomCell

cell.selectionStyle = .None
cell.accessoryType = UITableViewCellAccessoryType.None

if self.searchCtrler.active {
print("processArray: ",proccessArray[indexPath.row].status as String!)
cell.lbl_status.text = proccessArray[indexPath.row].status as String!
} else {
cell.lbl_request_name.text = arrProcessName[indexPath.row]
cell.lbl_requested_by.text = "Requested by: " + arrRequestedBy[indexPath.row]
cell.lbl_creation_time.text = arrCreationTime[indexPath.row]
cell.lbl_status.text = arrStatus[indexPath.row]

switch arrStatus[indexPath.row] {
case "Completed", "Approved":
cell.img_status.image = UIImage(named: "ic_approved")
case "Running", "Processing", "Pending":
cell.img_status.image = UIImage(named: "ic_pending")
case "Denied", "Rejected":
cell.img_status.image = UIImage(named: "ic_reject")
case "Error":
cell.img_status.image = UIImage(named: "ic_terminated")
case "Retracted":
cell.img_status.image = UIImage(named: "ic_retracted")
cell.img_status.image = UIImage(named: "")

return cell

Class Process

import Foundation

class Process:NSObject{
var process: NSString!
var requestor: NSString!
var time: NSString!
var status: NSString!

init(process:NSString, requestor:NSString, time: NSString, status: NSString){
self.process = process
self.requestor = requestor
self.time = time
self.status = status


I have printed the array and the result is like this.

array: (
"< X.Process: 0x7f8bc94cfa50>"

After the conversion which is filtered. I get an empty array which hit me the EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION.

Is there anyway to convert my NSArray to Swift Array without affect my data inside the NSArray?

Thank you

Answer Source

There is no need to convert Swift Array [Process] to NSArray just for filter, you can directly filter your [Process] array like this.

let filterProcess = self.proccessArray.filter { $0.status == "pending" }

In your case there is no need to use contains but if you want then:

let filterProcess = self.proccessArray.filter { $0.status.localizedCaseInsensitiveContainsString("pending") }
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