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How to avoid XmlWriter create a default "xmlns" empty attribute?

Having this kind of node (that we can find inside a .vbproj project file):

<Import Include="Microsoft.VisualBasic"/>
<Import Include="Microsoft.Win32"/>
<Import Include="Microsoft.Win32.SafeHandles"/>

I declared a property in my class with a getter and a setter, to get a collection of the imports, or to replace the entire node content given a collection.

Well, the problem I have is that when I'm trying to replace the node content, my
instance adds an additional and empty
attribute, see this resulting example:

<Import Include="Microsoft.VisualBasic" xmlns="" />
<Import Include="Microsoft.Win32" xmlns="" />
<Import Include="Microsoft.Win32.SafeHandles" xmlns="" />

Why happens that, and how to avoid it?.

I'm open to non-efficient solutions like a string replace (only on that node), however I tried it without success.

This is the relevant code I'm using:

Public Property ImportedNamespaces As SortedSet(Of String)
Return New SortedSet(Of String)((From el As XElement In Me.ItemGroups()(1).Elements()
Select el.@Include))
End Get
Set(ByVal value As SortedSet(Of String))

Dim writer As XmlWriter = Me.ItemGroups()(1).CreateWriter
For Each s As String In value
With writer
.WriteStartElement(Nothing, "Import", Nothing)
.WriteAttributeString(Nothing, "Include", Nothing, s)
End With

' This doesn't works.
' For Each el As XElement In Me.ItemGroups()(1).Elements("Import")
' el.Attribute("xmlns").Remove()
' Next

End Set
End Property

Answer Source

Assuming you have an XElement then you can either use .WriteStartElement(Nothing, "Import", Me.ItemGroups()(1).Name.NamespaceName) or you might want to replace the whole XmlWriter use by

Me.ItemGroups()(1).Add(From s As String In value Select New XElement(Me.ItemGroups()(1).Name.Namespace + "Import", New XAttribute("Include", s)))
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