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How to make List from Numpy Matrix in Python

I using the dot() function from numpy to multiply a matrix of 3x3 with a numpy.array of 1x3. The output is for example this:

[[ 0.16666667 0.66666667 0.16666667]]

which is of type:

<class 'numpy.matrixlib.defmatrix.matrix'>

how can I convert this to a list. Because I know the result will always be a matrix of 1x3 so it should be coverted to a list because I need to be able to loop through it later for calculation the pearson distance of two of those lists.

So to summarize: how can I make a list from this matrix?

Answer Source

May not be the optimal way to do this but the following works:

a = numpy.matrix([[ 0.16666667, 0.66666667, 0.16666667]])




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