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Sane implementation of java.lang.String.split for Scala

Java's string split method has behavior that is inconsistent and has bitten me quite a few times through the years:

scala> "/path".split("/")
res2: Array[String] = Array("", path)

scala> "/".split("/")
res4: Array[String] = Array()

scala> "".split("/")
res3: Array[String] = Array("")

Specifically, it is surprising that when there is a leading delimiter, with some text following, I get an
, followed by the text. However, when I remove the text, I get an empty array. I would expect
to return
, consistent with
returning `Array("", "path").

expects a regex, instead of a string token. This is not immediately clear and also has caused confusion and surprising errors.

Is there an alternative in some popular standard library that has more straightforward behavior?

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Scala standard library does provide an alternative to Java's String.split with very straightforward behavior as it uses Char as a separator:

def split(separator: Char): Array[String]

Your other option would be StringUtils in apache-commons:

StringUtils.split("ab.cd", "b." // res0: Array[String] = Array(a, cd)