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How to remove path prefix in gulp injected script paths?

I've used maven and gulp together. in maven, the injection task of gulp invokes during packaging the jar. I've placed static files in

for the spring boot structure in the project. after packaging the jar,
file is something like this:

<!-- build:js js/app.js -->
<!--inject:js -->
<script src="src/main/resources/static/app/.................js"></script>
<!--endinject -->
<!--endbuild -->

My question is how to remove
prefix in the script src tags?

Below code is the injection task in gulp.file.js:

gulp.task('injection', function () {
var wiredep = require('wiredep').stream;
var angularFilesort = require('gulp-angular-filesort');
var option = gulpConfig.getWireDepOptions();

return gulp
.pipe(angularFilesort()), {ignorePath: '', addRootSlash: false}))
// .pipe(gulp.dest('./src/main/resources/static/'));

and configuration in gulp.config.js :

var config = {
indexPage: client + "index.html",
proxy: 'localhost:' + port,
port: 3000,
files: ['**/*.*'],
ghostMode: { // these are the defaults t,f,t,t
clicks: true,
location: false,
forms: true,
scroll: true
logLevel: 'debug',
logPrefix: 'gulp-patterns',
notify: true,
reloadDelay: 1000
bower: {
json: require('./bower.json'),
directory: client+'vendors',
ignorePath: './../../'
jsSources: {
client: client + "app/**/*.js",
exclude: "!vendors/**/*.js",
sundry: ['./gulpfile.js', './gulpfile.config.js'],
injectable: [
scriptPath + '/quick-sidebar.js',
scriptPath + '/demo.js',
scriptPath + '/layout.js',
scriptPath + '/metronic.js',
client + 'app/**/*.module.js',
client + 'app/**/*.js',
'!' + client + '/app/**/*.spec.js',

Answer Source

By setting ignorePath in gulp.file.js with src/main/resources/static it will removes the prefix path in index.html

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