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Line-oriented streaming in Ruby (like grep)

By default Ruby opens

in buffered mode. This means you can't use Ruby to perform a grep-like operation filtering text. Is there any way to force Ruby to use line-oriented mode? I've seen various solutions including
(which does buffered-mode only) and
(which doesn't separately handle
, which I require).

How do I do this? Python seems to have the same lack.

Answer Source

It looks like your best bet is to use STDOUT.syswrite and STDOUT.sysread - the following seemed to have reasonably good performance, despite being ugly code:

STDIN.sync = true
STDOUT.syswrite "Looking for #{ARGV[0]}\n"

def next_line
  mybuff = @overflow || ""
  until mybuff[/\n/]
    mybuff += STDIN.sysread(8)
  overflow = mybuff.split("\n")
  out, *others = overflow
  @overflow = others.join("\n")
rescue EOFError => e

line = next_line
while line
  STDOUT.syswrite "#{line}\n" if line =~ /#{ARGV[0]}/i
  line = next_line

Note: Not sure you need #sync with #sysread, but if so you should probably sync STDOUT too. Also, it reads 8 bytes at a time into mybuff - you should experiment with this value, it's highly inefficient / CPU heavy. Lastly, this code is hacky and needs a refactor, but it works - tested it using ls -l ~/* | ruby rgrep.rb doc (where 'doc' is the search term)

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