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C# Question

Changing the Kendo UI upload widget's text

I would like to change the default text of

to something more appropriate for the context. I'm using the Kendo Fluent API built on the
class and I didn't find a way to change the text neither in the basic functions nor in the localization.

My code is pretty simple and looks like this:


There is a suggestion in this thread about a jQuery function to change the text, which works perfectly if I use the javascript API of the Upload widget but doesn't work when I create the widget via

And even better with the javascript API there is a:

localization: {
select: 'any text'

Settings you can use, but this doesn't help me either.

If anyone has faced this problem before and tackled it I would really appreciate his help.

Answer Source

I have just received an answer on the kendo forums in this thread. And the solution is pretty easy, but the feature was just a little hidden in the fluent interface:

      .Messages( m => m.Select("Select unit bulk upload file"))
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