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ASP.NET (C#) Question

OAuth C# Library for Google, Yahoo! Twitter

I'm looking for a library that will allow me to use OAuth in my ASP.NET/C# applications, such that I can authenticate users using one of the following OAuth providers

  1. Google

  2. Yahoo!

  3. Twitter

I've looked at various open source libraries and find that there is one issue or another with them (some don't work at all, some work against one service not not others). I've also looked at OAuthDotNet and I must admit that I find it way too complicated to figure out how to begin using it and so I've not really tried it.

So essentially I'm looking for a simple to use library that works against the above mentioned providers (at least).

Answer Source

Jackie I have a blog post on this OAuth C# Library

There is a library (including source code) and a simple sample project you can download to get started with this.

I've tested it against 1. Google 2. Twitter 3. Yahoo 4. Vimeo

You don't mention the version of OAuth you'd like to support so you should know that the library supports OAuth 1.0 revision A only and not OAuth 2.0. Most site today support OAuth 1.0 revision a.

I've kept the sample project very simple intentionally, so those starting out down this path don't have to struggle trying to figure out how to use the library. The library is not "over engineered" like I believe some libraries out there are so it is fairly simple to enhance if need be. But I suggest you attempt that only after you've familiarized yourself with the OAuth protocol.

The project in fact is an open source project hosted on Google code (link in the blog post).

Note: Due to the way Yahoo! has implemented their service it is not possible (or not simple) to test against their service from your development machine.

I hope this helps.

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