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Unicode chars are converted to broken symbols when I use wkhtmltopdf

I have HTML that contains some Unicode characters, and saved in "UTF-8" to disk. I can use less to display it, all characters displayed well:


But when I use "wkhtmltopdf" to convert it to PDF, it shows broken characters:

broken unicode

My command is:

wkhtmltopdf --encoding utf-8 book.html book.pdf

How to fix this?

Answer Source

Finally I found the reason: I don't have unicode fonts in my ubuntu server.

I upload some truetype fonts from my local ubuntu to the server, everything works fine.

freewind@freewind:/usr/share/fonts$ cd truetype/
freewind@freewind:/usr/share/fonts/truetype$ ls
arphic             ttf-dejavu               ttf-lao
freefont           ttf-devanagari-fonts     ttf-liberation
kochi              ttf-gujarati-fonts       ttf-malayalam-fonts
msttcorefonts      ttf-indic-fonts-core     ttf-oriya-fonts
openoffice         ttf-japanese-gothic.ttf  ttf-punjabi-fonts
sazanami           ttf-japanese-mincho.ttf  ttf-tamil-fonts
takao              ttf-kacst-one            ttf-telugu-fonts
thai               ttf-kannada-fonts        unfonts
ttf-bengali-fonts  ttf-khmeros-core         wqy

I simply upload them all, it fix this problem, although I don't know which font is the key.

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