Mand Mand - 1 year ago 113
CSS Question

Display logo inline with menu

I want to display the logo located on this site inline with the menu (logo left of the menu instead of above it).

I've tried multiple things to make this change but I can't figure it out.

It's css only since I only have access to these files.

Can someone help me?

Answer Source

If you have to do this with only CSS you could try adding the following:

.mkd-header-type3 .mkd-page-header .mkd-logo-area{
.mkd-page-header .mkd-grid{
.mkd-header-type3 .mkd-page-header .mkd-menu-area{

Should end up looking like: enter image description here

However, if you can get access to the HTML, it may be better to contain the image within the menu area div and use floats (just a personal preference of floats over absolute positioning)

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