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Using Mockito, how do I verify a method was a called with a certain argument?

I'm using Mockito 1.9.0. How would i verify that a method got called exactly once, and that one of the fields passed to it contained a certain value? In my JUnit test, I have

public void setupMainProg() {
// Initialize m_orderSvc, m_opportunitySvc, m_myprojectOrgSvc
m_prog = new ProcessOrdersWorker(m_orderSvc, m_opportunitySvc, m_myprojectOrgSvc);
} // setupMainProg

public void testItAll() throws GeneralSecurityException, IOException {

The method "work" calls a method of "m_orderSvc" (one of the arguments passed in to the object). "m_orderSvc," in turn contains a member field, "m_contractsDao". I want to verify that "m_contractsDao.save" got called exactly once and that the argument passed to it contains a certain value.

This may be a little confusing. Let me know how I can clarify my question and I'm happy to do so.

Answer Source

First you need to create a mock m_contractsDao and set it up. Assuming that the class is ContractsDao:

ContractsDao mock_contractsDao = mock(ContractsDao.class);
when(mock_contractsDao.save(any(String.class))).thenReturn("Some result");

Then inject the mock into m_orderSvc and call your method.

m_orderSvc.m_contractsDao = mock_contractsDao;
m_prog = new ProcessOrdersWorker(m_orderSvc, m_opportunitySvc, m_myprojectOrgSvc);

Finally, verify that the mock was called properly:

verify(mock_contractsDao, times(1)).save("Parameter I'm expecting");
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