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How to format GPS latitude and longitude?

In android(java) when you get the current latitude and longitude using the function getlatitude() etc you get the coordinates in decimal format:

latitude: 24.3454523 longitude: 10.123450

I want to get this into degrees and decimal minutes to look something like this:

Latitude: 40°42′51″ N Longitude: 74°00′21″ W

Answer Source

to conver from decimals to degrees you can do as follow

String strLongitude = location.convert(location.getLongitude(), location.FORMAT_DEGREES);
String strLatitude = location.convert(location.getLatitude(), location.FORMAT_DEGREES);

reference is android developer site.


I have tried following thing and get the output:

strLongitude = Location.convert(location.getLongitude(), Location.FORMAT_DEGREES);
strLatitude = Location.convert(location.getLatitude(), Location.FORMAT_DEGREES);

OUTPUT : Long: 73.16584: Lat: 22.29924

strLongitude = Location.convert(location.getLongitude(), Location.FORMAT_SECONDS);
strLatitude = Location.convert(location.getLatitude(), Location.FORMAT_SECONDS);

OUTPUT : Long: 73:9:57.03876: Lat: 22:17:57.26472

strLongitude = Location.convert(location.getLongitude(), Location.FORMAT_MINUTES);
strLatitude = Location.convert(location.getLatitude(), Location.FORMAT_MINUTES);

OUTPUT : Long: 73:9.95065: Lat: 22:17.95441

Try different option as per your requirement

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