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Git equivalents of most common Mercurial commands?

I've been using Mercurial but would like to do a quick demo of Git.

What are the Git equivalents of:

hg init . # start a project in the current directory
hg addremove # look for any added or deleted files
hg commit -m "comment" # commit any uncomitted changes
hg status # what have i changed since the last commit?

Answer Source

The Git-HG rosetta stone is not bad

There are a few other gotchas between the two not mentioned there. This list was cribbed from my own blog post when I went the other way (git -> hg).

Hg .hgignore, syntax: glob is the same behaviour as git's .gitignore.

Git .git/config, ~/.gitconfig, use git-config to modify the values
Hg .hg/hgrc, ~/.hgrc, use hg help -c config

Git git commit -v
Hg hg diff | less; hg commit

Git gitk
Hg hg view, or thg from TortoiseHg

Git git gui
Hg Mercurial doesn't ship GUI to select changesets, only console hg record command.

Git git rebase
Hg hg rebase. For git rebase --interactive there's hg histedit, or Mercurial Queues

Git git push URL ; git remote add origin URL
Hg hg push URL; $EDITOR .hg/hgrc ; [paths] default = URL

Git gitk, git log origin/master..HEAD
Hg hg outgoing

Git git format-patch RANGE
Hg hg email -m filename -o

Git git add . ; Note the dot
Hg hg add ; No dot needed.

Git git checkout REVISION-KEY
Hg hg update CHANGESET

Just to fill the blanks, some of the most useful commands from Mercurial:

Hg hg record
Git git add -p; git commit

Hg hg inc [URL]
Git No real equivalent. You can only do equivalent of hg pull; hg log -r .:

Hg hg out URL
Git Please add if you know how.

For merge conflict resolution, the hg resolve command in Mercurial has a few options that change the behaviour:

Hg hg resolve -m FILE (marks the file as having been resolved by manually fixing up the conflict problem)
Git git add FILE

Hg hg resolve -u FILE marks the file as having been unresolved
Git git reset HEAD FILE to unstage the file

Hg hg resolve -l (lists files with resolved/unresolved conflicts)
Git git status - files that merged cleanly are added to the index automatically, those that are not have conflicts

Hg hg resolve FILE (after a merge, attempts to re-merge the file)
Git no equivalent for re-merging that I know of.

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