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Adding classpath to SpringBoot command line start when using maven-spring-boot-plugin

I'm trying to add a classpath to when I run my spring boot application, which is run with the following command

mvn spring-boot:run

I'm currently able to add a classpath folder to my maven tests, using custom arguments which inserted into the field

However this approach has not worked for running the application with
mvn spring-boot:run

Answer Source

The Spring Boot Maven Plugin spawns a JVM which will, by default, include whatever your project says should be on the classpath e.g.

  • ${} this includes classes and resources
  • dependencies declared in your project's POM

If you need to add things to this classpath, the plugin offers the following:

For example, if you want to add this folder: /this/that/theother to the classpath then you would configure the spring-boot plugin as follows:


With that configuration in place, if you invoke mvn spring-boot:run -X you'll see that the additional folder is included on the front of the classpath ...

[DEBUG] Classpath for forked process: /this/that/theother:...

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