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PHP Question

extract values from srting seperated by | in php

How to extract values from string seperated by |

here is my string


i need to store


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Of course every body would suggest the explode route:

$var = 'foo=1478|boo=7854|bar=74125|aaa=74125|bbb=470|ccc=74125|ddd=1200|';
foreach(array_filter(explode('|', $var)) as $e){
    list($key, $value) = explode('=', $e);
    ${$key} = $value;

Also, another would be to convert pipes to ampersand, so that it can be interpreted with parse_str:

parse_str(str_replace('|', '&', $var), $data);
echo $foo;

Both would produce the same. I'd stay away with variable variables though, it choose to go with arrays.

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