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PHP Question

Show item number only in the minicart header

I have achieved to show item number only in the mini cart header with following changes.(OpenCart



"Shopping Cart %s item(s) - %s"

Replace this

"Shopping Cart %s"

Above modification working is fine in default. but, It is not work when add or remove item from mini-cart. Does show default style.

This is work on page load after above our modification.

Shopping Cart: 1

but, I have click on "Add to Cart" button & then add item in minicart. So, it will display again this default style. also, does not work when click on remove button in minicart for remove item from minicart

Shopping Cart: 1 item(s) - $602.00

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Answer Source

You have to modify these two file:


First one is used for default text, and second called for events such add or delete.

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