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VerifyError: Error #1079: Native methods are not allowed in loaded code

I have an Android/iOS app compiled in AS3. I was having issues and was advised to upgrade to Flash Builder 4.7 (from 4.6). I did so, and when I try running with the new Air 3.4 I get the following error:

VerifyError: Error #1079: Native methods are not allowed in loaded code.

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So I tried uninstalling Flash Builder 4.7 64 bit and installing the 32 bit version. This didn't help (same issue).

But then I tried something different. So my workspace was originally my Adobe Flash Builder 4.6 (as I had many AS3 projects in that workspace and wanted to just load that up in 4.7). Apparently this caused my issue (or at least it went away when I did the following).

I decided to use Flash Builder 4.7's default workspace (Users\\Adobe Flash Builder 4.7) instead of switching to 4.6. I then imported my existing projects that lived in my 4.6 directory. Compiled and it ran fine!

I guess there is an issue when upgrading from Flash Builder 4.6 to 4.7 and using the old workspaces from 4.6... Not sure why it caused that bizarre error but I'm glad to be able to move on.

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