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Delete branches in Bitbucket

I've created lots of branches in one of our repositories. Those branches are for testing before it will be pulled to the master. Now I see lots of them on the list and they we will never use it again. How to delete those branches directly to Bitbucket?

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If the branches are only local, you can use -d if the branch has been merged, like

git branch -d branch-name

If the branch contains code you never plan on merging, use -D instead.

If the branch is in the upstream repo (on Bitbucket) you can remove the remote reference by

git push origin :branch-name

Also, if you're on the Bitbucket website, you can remove branches you've pushed by going to the Feature branches tab under Commits on the site. There you'll find an ellipsis icon. Click that, then choose Delete branch. Just be sure you want to drop all the changes there!

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