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How to handle JsValue in Scala/Play

I'm trying to learn Scala/Play so I created a sample api that uses WSRequest to connect to GitHub and returns some info based on the user's id. I can convert this response to JsValue by doing:

val response: JsValeu = result.json

I am having trouble when trying to manipulate the JsValue, for example filter values based on some criteria, etc? Do I need to convert it to a JsObject? I've looked on the Play documentation but I can't figure out how to do this.

What is the approach when handling JsValue?


Answer Source

JsValue signifies any sort of JSON data entity, including objects, numbers, strings, etc.

If you want to filter values in a JsObject, then you'll have to "cast" your JsValue into a JsObject. like:

val jsonObject: JsObject =[JsObject]

Then you can mutate the object how you like.

Read the documentation on JsObject and JsValue to find out how to do the rest of what you're trying to do.

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