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How to change input value to max value if it reaches the {max} AngularJS

I have a form it includes input field which you can enter the amount of money. It has max attr. and if user entered amount of money greater than the max value I would like to set the ng-model parameter value to set max value which is the response of a RESTFull API.

Directly assigned the JSON object value to max attribute. The max value is typed in string as a response of API.

I used currency filters while assigning of the attribute values.

How to set max attribute value to ngModel object's value? If user enters the greater value than max value? Is there a way to change it immidiately and update the input field at the same time?

Also please tell me, If I'm using filters true? or NOT?

<input type="text" name="payableamount" class="form-control input-lg"
min="{{amount | currency:'':2}}"
max="{{billObj.amount | currency:'':2}}"
ng-required="true" ui-number-mask>

Answer Source

Store the value of maxAmount which you got from API and validate it inside the 'checkAmount' function

1.Using ngKeyup:

<input ng-model="amount" ng-keyup="checkAmount($event,amount)"/>

function MyCtrl($scope, $log) {

    $scope.checkAmount = function(e,amt) {
      if(amt>10){ //assuming maxAmount is 10
          $scope.amount = 10;

2. Using Directive,

<input check-max ng-model="amount"/>

myApp.directive('checkMax', function() {
    return {
    restrict: 'AE', //attribute or element,
    require: 'ngModel',

Fiddle (using ng-keyup) : http://jsfiddle.net/r74a5m25/202/

Fiddle (using directive) : http://jsfiddle.net/r74a5m25/203/

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