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How to change background image on a button , iOS?

I created a button on my view controller which has a predefined background image. I created an action and an outlet for this button. I want when the user taps the button to change the background image of this button. How can i do that?
I tried to put into the action method of the button something like this:

snapshotCheckbox.image = [UIImage imageNamed:@"snapshot.png"];

but i guess this method is for UImageViews. How can i do the same thing for a button?
Thank you very much for reading my post :D

Answer Source

One solution to do this would be to display the image in a UIImageView and put a transparent UIButton on top of the UIImageView. In Interface Builder you can change a UIButton to "custom". This would allow you to change the image displayed in the UIImageView easily when handling the action triggered when the UIButton is pushed.

Hope this helps.

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