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Ionic - changing default colours

I have an ionic project (ionic library version 1.3). I am trying to change the default colour of "positive".

I have followed the instructions available in that I have added sass to my project using the command:

$ ionic setup sass

I have then accessed the file


as a very simple example I have added a value for positive that I would expect to change the colour to #111111:

To customize the look and feel of Ionic, you can override the variables
in ionic's _variables.scss file.

For example, you might change some of the default colors:

$light: #fff !default;
$stable: #f8f8f8 !default;
$positive: #387ef5 !default;
$calm: #11c1f3 !default;
$balanced: #33cd5f !default;
$energized: #ffc900 !default;
$assertive: #ef473a !default;
$royal: #886aea !default;
$dark: #444 !default;

$positive: #222222 !default;

I am then running ionic serve, but seeing no change.

Any ideas on what this might be?... is my library too old... is there a reason it is not picking up the change?

Answer Source

Try to run this command from CLI: gulp sass

Hope this helps.

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