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Disabling Multi-window feature for Android N not working for an activity

I want to disable multi-window support for an activity in my app.
I have set

to false in my Manifest but when I long press recent app icon, the app still goes in multi-window mode. Below is my manifest:


Per documentation:

android:resizeableActivity=["true" | "false"]

If the attribute is set to false, the activity does not support multi-window mode. If this value is false, and the user attempts to launch the activity in multi-window mode, the activity takes over the full screen.

I have also tried to set this attribute to false at application level in manifest but it still starts in multi-window mode. Any pointer on what I am doing wrong will be highly appreciated?

Answer Source

The activity that is at the root of the task controls the window size. Your choices are:

  1. Trace back to all possible task root activities in your app and ensure they all also have android:resizeableActivity="false"

  2. Force this activity into another task, via Intent flags when you start it or manifest settings

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