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AngularJS Question

retain angular variables after page refresh

I'm trying to figure out a way to keep my

variables with page refresh / across controllers. My workflow is,

  • user logs in via facebook and gets an access token

  • users access token will be used with every request

I tried two ways,

1 - Assigning the token to a

Not working

2 - By using a

'use strict';

angular.module('recipeapp', [])
.run(['$rootScope', '$injector', 'Authenticate', function($rootScope,$injector, Authenticate){
$injector.get("$http").defaults.transformRequest = function(data, headersGetter) {
$injector.get('$http').defaults.headers.common['auth-token'] = Authenticate.getToken();

'use strict';
.factory('Authenticate', function(){
var factory = {};
var accessToken = "";

factory.setToken = function(token) {
accessToken = token;
factory.getToken = function() {
return accessToken;

return factory;


#facebook controller
I set the the token with every successful login

But the problem is, If I refresh the page,
becomes blank. I'm pretty new to
and cannot figure out a way to retain my data after a page refresh

any help would be much appreciated

Answer Source

You can use localStorage. It is really easy to use.

var token = "xxx";
localStorage.setItem("token", token);
localStorage.getItem("token"); //returns "xxx"
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