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Static image src in Vue.js template

My Vue component contains some images. I want to do lazy-loading later, so I need to set the src of the images to a small image, first.

<div v-for="item in portfolioItems">
<a href="#{{ }}">
data-original="{{ item.img }}"
class="lazy" alt="">

Gives me a bunch of errors, like:

[Vue warn]: Invalid expression. Generated function
body: /scope.static/scope.img/scope.clear.gif vue.common.js:1014[Vue

[Vue warn]: Error when evaluating expression "/static/img/clear.gif":
TypeError: Cannot read property 'call' of undefined (found in
component: )

module.exports = {
// ...
build: {
assetsPublicPath: '/',
assetsSubDirectory: 'static'

Answer Source

If you want to bind a string to the src attribute, you should wrap it on single quotes:

<img v-bind:src="'/static/img/clear.gif'">
<!-- or shorthand -->
<img :src="'/static/img/clear.gif'">

IMO you do not need to bind a string, you could use the simple way:

<img src="/static/img/clear.gif">

Check an example about the image preload here:

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