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How can I tell Eclipse to warn me when I compare Strings with == instead of .equals()

I know that when comparing

s, you should use
and I understand the reasons for this. However I do sometimes forget and compare strings with
by mistake. I would like it if Eclipse (being much smarter than me), would warn me by doing one or more of the following:

  • Underlining my mistake with a wiggly red line and pointing out the mistake

  • Refusing to compile my code until I fix the mistake

  • Fixing the mistake for me

  • Beating me over the head with the nearest Joshua Bloch book until I apologize

In Eclipse 3.5, you can have Eclipse warn you about all kinds of things, by going to Window > Preferences > Compiler > Errors/Warnings, but sadly "Comparing strings with == instead of .equals()" does not seem to be one of them. Am I just missing it? Is there any chance of adding this in a future release?

EDIT: I'd rather do this using Eclipse's built-in functionality, rather than have to download a plugin. However, I think it would still be useful to mention plugins that have this feature in your answers.

Answer Source

Eclipse can never tell you that. Findbugs or PMD probably can.

EDIT : I say

Eclipse can never tell you that.

because there nothing wrong with code a == b as java code. If you want some extra help, this is where other plugins come to help.

Edit: According to Pascal Thivent, Findbugs can't do this, but it looks like PMD can. I'm leaving the link to Findbugs, though, since it's probably a useful link for people who come across this question.

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