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Fabric/Crashlytics on Android - How to have two different crashlytics projects with the same package name?

I am developing an Android application and I want to have two different projects in Crashlytics / Fabric (debug and release).

I know that this is possible by having two different package names, but in my case, the package name of these two build types have to be the same.

Is there any possibility to have two crashlytics projects with the same package name?

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Hello I also had same questions months ago and I solved it myself. Hope my answer will help you.

You need 2 organizations with different crashlyticsApiKey for each of your project on fabric.

Then on your build.gradle file you will define manifestPlaceHolders

debug {
        manifestPlaceholders = [crashlyticsApiKey: 'your_api_key_for_debug_project_here']

release {
        manifestPlaceholders = [crashlyticsApiKey: 'your_api_key_for_release_project_here']

Then you will put this variable on meta-data at your AndroidManifest.xml file

        android:value="${crashlyticsApiKey}" />

That's all, now build your project both for relase and debug, you will see your app will registered for 2 different fabric account with same package nam

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