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jQuery / JS adding onClick button value into row

i am really new with JavaScript so i have been looking to make something with it. However i wanted to make that when you press X button it will print that button value into a div. The think how i want is that if you press one button and value is 1, it will print 1 to div and if you press 2nd button that value is 2 it will print 2 after the 1. So like 12 and not 3 (like in my JSFiddle down below)

I hope i can get help from here.

Here is my JSFiddle


var theTotal = 0;
theTotal = Number(theTotal) + Number($(this).val());
$('.total').text(" "+theTotal);

#codebar {
padding: 20px 20px;

.total {
color: red;
margin-top:-18px !important;

<script src=""></script>
<button value="1">1</button>
<button value="2">2</button>
<button value="3">3</button>
<button value="4">4</button>
<button value="5">5</button>
<button value="6">6</button>
<button value="7">7</button>
<button value="8">8</button>
<button value="9">9</button>
<button value="10">10</button>


<div id="codebar">
<div class="total"></div>

Answer Source

You should .append() the button value as string



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