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PHP Question

How do you escape quotes in a sql query using php?

I have a query

$sql ="SELECT CustomerID FROM tblCustomer
WHERE EmailAddress = '".addslashes($_POST['username']) ."' AND Password = '".addslashes($_POST['password']) ."'";

// while printing, it will be

SELECT CustomerID FROM tblCustomer WHERE EmailAddress = 'test@ab\'' AND Password = '123'

if we executing this in a mysql server it works, but not in a sql server

what is the solution for this?
. Iam using sql server

Answer Source

addslashes() will escape single quotes with a leading backslash which is valid syntax in MySQL but not in MS SQL Server. The correct way to escape a single quote in MS SQL Server is with another single quote. Use mysql_real_escape_string() for MySQL (mysql_escape_string() has been deprecated). Unfortunately, no analogous mssql_ function exists so you'll have to roll your own using str_replace(), preg_replace() or something similar. Better yet, use a database neutral abstraction layer such as PDO that supports parameterized queries.

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